Exhaust System Manifold For Honda

Q uick Detail Super sound Increase the exhaust flow to get better performance Increase horsepower and torque increase Improving fuel economy by cruising speed The most aggressive sound on the GRWA system It is designed for every application The patent direct multicore muffler is designed to...

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Stainless steel exhaust system for Honda

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GRWAPlace of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)Warranty:2 YearsCertification: ISO9001:2000


Car Model:HondaSize:custom madeType:Exhaust System


Cat Back 02-06 Acura RSX None-sMaterial:Stainless steelQty:30Unit:


(1)Super sound

(2)Increase the exhaust flow to get better performance

(3)Increase horsepower and torque increase

(4)Improving fuel economy by cruising speed

(5)The most aggressive sound on the GRWA system

(6)It is designed for every application

(7)The patent direct multicore muffler is designed to reduce back pressure while absorbing sound waves.

(8)Mandrel Bend stainless steel tube, optimize diameter to reduce restriction while keeping exhaust speed.

(9)The highest quality durable 201 stainless steel

(10)Polished exhaust pipe

(11)It includes everything necessary for installation, including detailed instructions.

(12)Made in China

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Stainless steel exhaust system for Honda

Stainless steel exhaust system for Honda

Stainless steel exhaust system for Honda

Stainless steel exhaust system for Honda


The after market performance system is a major investment to replace the money and time of the plant exhaust system. Of course, you can always try to save money and try to use a cheap system, but you may just not sound comfortable without any actual power gain. The only weakness of the system you want is that it may not last, so at least you don't have to endure it for a long time. On the contrary, after that road, only high quality gRWA exhaust system is required. You will get the required power and sound, and the high quality material and structure will be the last exhaust system you purchase for the car.

The patented direct multi core muffler reduces the limit, increases the evacuation speed, each cylinder is completely empty, and ensures space for charge charging, which is suitable for most after market companies to absorb sound waves without interfering with the produced cavity mufflers. Indoor mufflers use baffles or generate backpressure to reduce power consumption and baffles suppress sound waves. ATAK (acoustic tuning Applied Mechanics) gRWA is the forefront of mufflers. This is very effective. It has been proved to flow directly.

The shape and diameter of the exhaust pipe are optimized for volume and pumping speed. The GRWA mandrel is bent and smooth, and the stainless steel tube is kept in the entire length to maintain its size and shape. The non Mandrel Bend loses its sharp ratio of diameter. The systems behind the catalytic converter "X" pipes and pipes contain cross connections that reduce the excessive back pressure produced by the continuous closing of the ignition cylinder, allowing it to escape to the opposite side of the system to improve this low and medium torque.

If it doesn't fit, all the horsepower in the world is irrelevant, but performance improvement is only part of the aftermarket exhaust system. There is no need to worry about the GRWA system. They have years of car audio experience, the company listens and listens, and is equipped with a car enthusiast like you to ensure that your system has the right sound. ATAK is the most aggressive sound muffler in gRWA. The length and diameter of the inner core are changed and the muffler is used to adjust the pattern of the sound to change the core of the drill, using the acoustic properties of a specific vehicle, and the desired hue is used for vehicles as shown in Figure 1.

Finally, in a few years, if the exhaust system is damaged, the best power and sound will be meaningless. Each GRWA exhaust pipe is manufactured with the best material and structural technology to ensure that this will not happen. Their system uses high quality stainless steel to resist corrosion and high levels of nickel and chromium. This material is harder than the low grade stainless steel used by the OEM manufacturer, but the very extended muffler is made of perforated stainless steel. However, rigidity increases, requiring special equipment to bend and increase. The tube is coated with multilayer stainless steel sound absorbing material and ceramic layer high temperature sound absorbing material. It is contained in a fully welded stainless steel case.

GRWA series stainless steel exhaust system GRWA is very confident of the quality of the system. As you install everything you need, including detailed instructions, you can guarantee material and process defects up to one million miles.

GRWA is a leading company in high-performance stainless steel exhaust products. The company began to produce the exhaust system, the classic Rolls-Royce and Ferrari models, which have grown on the street performance of the leading manufacturers of cross-country and racial, exhaust products. GRWA has made many improvements in the design performance of the exhaust system, and has many innovative patent for exhaust system technology. Now, a number of "best new products" awards have been won, the company is the country - and Qingdao, based in China's most advanced research and development center, to produce the products we need, we have built factories all over the country.

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