Calm down no passion? BMW 5 series with GRWA exhaust

- Jul 03, 2018 -

In the market, there are not many competitors in the market, but the fighting between them is very intense, especially the civil war between the three countries of Germany and has been lasting for many years. By virtue of the rings of years of official cars, the Mercedes Benz E is also fully integrated with the elegant and elegant brand image of the family, then blue sky and white clouds What does the next 5 line depend on? The people who know the car naturally know that the essence of BMW is control and movement. Although the 5 line is the main business, it is still the best in the same level, especially in the home, there is a sports master ---M5, as a benchmarking to imitate!

Thanks to the special relationship with big brother M5, the 5 series of modifications can be said to be everywhere. Many M5 jackets make themselves look like "big brother". But if only the appearance will be changed, it seems to leave the feeling of "to the East", so the performance has to be put on the agenda. Of course, even if it does not change its appearance, it is necessary to improve the performance. For example, the sound wave lifting of the exhaust is the most beautiful piece of music for the lovers who love to refit.

Referring to the 5 line exhaust product recommendation, the editor knows that the GRWA exhaust valve exhaust may be a good choice. GRWA exhaust people should be familiar with, as a Chinese brand that focuses on creating a high cost performance exhaust, since the establishment, with years of modification experience and high quality refitting products, GR WA has accumulated a certain reputation and user in the modification industry, and it has been a symbol of strength for many years to stick to it and occupy a place.

The GRWA exhaust brand was established in 2013. The company has been insisting on all the brands as the core, and aims to create an international exhaust modification line brand. In the implementation of this concept, GRWA has been in a large proportion in the research and development of exhaust products and product control. And the material selection and manufacturing process also do not lose the same level brand.

High quality SUS304 industrial grade stainless steel materials are used in the material. Seiko welding ensures the durable stability of the exhaust in the high temperature and high pressure environment, and the surface grinding treatment also greatly increases the wear resistance and corrosion. The design of the two sides has played a very important role in improving the exhaust performance. And equipped with its own intelligent valve, so that the wave of high quality as a sportsman, want to be quiet when a quiet beauty. If you want to further understand this new BMW 5 series GRWA exhaust system, or other GRWA related products.

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