Design Problem of Automobile Exhaust Piping Angle

- Dec 13, 2017 -

The exhaust angle of the exhaust pipe of motor vehicle has been a problem that is difficult for the professional manufacturers to solve. According to the survey, the angle of the exhaust pipe of cars and light family cars is usually parallel to the ground, but the angle of the high-power transporter and the exhaust pipe of the agricultural vehicle is to the ground. From the point of view of environment protection, according to the current vehicle exhaust exhaust pipe angle design and mechanical design principle, no new angle layout design method has been specified. The optimum design scheme of all vehicle emissions should be 180 degrees angle direction parallel to the ground towards the rear of the vehicle emissions, if the design standard is not unified, the manufacturers free to design exhaust pipe will not discharge to facilitate the protection of the environment infringement events and accidents in driving time. 1, the angle of the exhaust pipe is disadvantageous to the ground at about 45 degrees.

In the range of this emission angle, when the vehicle is running, the high velocity tail gas will blow the dust on the ground, and the faster the running speed, the greater the pollution will be. At the same time, the greater the power of the car, the greater the discharge of gas flow and flow rate, and the pollution degree of its dust will be higher. According to the market survey, the most serious areas of dust pollution should be along the highway, the more traffic, the more serious the dust. On the other hand, the dust pollution is also related to the cleanliness of the surface of the road. The more dust on the surface of the road, the more dust the dust is blown by the automobile exhaust.

2, there are some problems in the angle of the exhaust pipe to both sides of the car.

If the angle of the exhaust pipe is folded on both sides of the car, the tail gas of the car will cause the impact damage to the heat flow of the pedestrians. In addition, the atomization oil containing bud burned up in the exhaust gas of an automobile, which comprises sulfide and carbide pollutants will cause personal infringement on human behavior.

3, the angle of the exhaust pipe will cause serious damage to the body of the car body when it is folded upward.

At this point of view, automobile manufacturers generally do not choose. Because the pollutants such as sulfide and carbides in the tail gas will cause chemical corrosion to the metal parts of automobile body and so on, manufacturers will not choose this exhaust emission angle.

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