Exhaust pipe some jitter and abnormal sound

- Dec 13, 2017 -

The exhaust pipe of the abnormal sound may have the following situation, first of all, the exhaust pipe and the engine by a soft connection between the connection, the car may be used for a long time, the damage caused by the soft connection; secondly, the exhaust pipe and the frame are fixedly connected by several rubber ring, to check whether the rubber ring has been damaged or there is a problem of aging of rubber; finally, the exhaust pipe and the soft connection, soft connection between parts and engines have seals, can check the seal is damaged.

Of course, there may be the owners do not pay attention in the use process, through the potholes, will not be worn by the exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe leakage and abnormal noises, but this possibility is usually very small. It is suggested that Mr. Zhao first go to 4S shop or regular car repair shop to check and troubleshooting. He must not go to any small maintenance place without qualification, or there will be no guarantee for after sale quality.

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