Exhaust pipe wall black is how is it

- Dec 13, 2017 -

I believe a lot of love car friends have such experience, how does a good exhaust pipe get blackened? What do you do with the exhaust pipe blackened? Is there anything wrong with the car?

Strictly speaking, the blackening of the exhaust pipe does not belong to the vehicle failure. Black particles are carbon deposits. The accumulation of carbon is due to the long-term solidification of wax and gum in fuel. If the engine can not fully burn, the fuel that does not burn or burn will stay in the intake valve, combustion chamber and other parts, which will aggravate the formation of carbon deposition. Therefore, there are 2 important conditions for the production of carbon deposition: the fuel quality and the air fuel ratio (the volume ratio of air to fuel, the ideal value of 14.7:1). As we all know, the quality of gasoline in our country is relatively poor, it is easier to produce carbon, and the structure of the electric spray car also causes carbon to be unavoidable. Therefore, the exhaust pipe blackening is also normal.

On the other hand, in the actual maintenance process, we found that the German car or the European and American vehicles are more likely to produce carbon deposits. What is the reason for this?

This is because the style of the German car is mostly sports, emphasizing driving, manipulation, and speed. Faster acceleration requires more fuel and air. According to the ideal air fuel ratio 14.7:1 calculation, more than one fuel needs 14.7 times of air supplement, which is easy to cause insufficient air and insufficient combustion, and carbon deposition will also be more. From the tail gas detection rate, the German car is lower than the Japanese and Korean cars. In order to provide adequate air, turbo is a way to recycle the waste gas after burning, pressurized combustion, another way is to increase the compression ratio of the engine intake manifold, use longer, the unit of time into the air, make full combustion.

Now that we know the cause of the blackening of the exhaust pipe, how do you avoid it?

At present, most of the car lovers know that buying fuel partners regularly cleaning the oil road, improving oil products, cleaning and reducing carbon deposition is one of the solutions. Through the above analysis, we know that air is sufficient or not, which is also a very important reason. How to ensure that the air fuel ratio of the engine reaches or approaches to the ideal state? It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of oxygen sensors. Oxygen sensors regulate the intake volume by analyzing the oxygen content in the exhaust gas, so as to maintain the air-fuel ratio near the ideal value. If the data provided by the maintenance sensors are inaccurate or delayed, the air-fuel ratio will be out of order, so that the combustion will not be enough. The oxygen sensor can be removed separately. However, we suggest that a simpler and more efficient way is to clean the combustion chamber, oxygen sensor and three way catalyst with three element catalytic cleaning agent from the inlet port. There are many brands of three element catalytic cleaning agent, cleaning agent has been able to do more professional on the inlet, inlet valve, combustion chamber, oxygen sensor, three waycatalytic and other parts to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, such as copper Jue and other brands, easy to use, you can buy their own cleaning, do not have to repair store or shop to do 4S.

Although the exhaust pipe is black, it is not a lesion, but accumulated for a long time. Carbon deposition will damage the engine, increase wear and tear, and power will naturally decrease. The increase of noise is inevitable, and fuel consumption will also increase. Regular maintenance of oil, inlet and exhaust systems is the best choice to reduce carbon accumulation and reduce exhaust emissions.

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