Experience in car modification: add aerodynamic kit

- Jul 07, 2018 -

Twenty years ago, how glorious it was to own a car. Who would dare to say that it would be “modified”? Twenty years later, the car has entered thousands of households. One brand and one model has the same product face. How dull it is?

In fact, many foreign manufacturers in the new car will provide a considerable number of modified accessories for the corresponding models, as well as provide more clear instructions for the owners, and many big car manufacturers even have modified companies that specifically modify their own cars, such as modified Mercedes-Benz AMG, modified Toyota's TRD and more.

Therefore, the car is no longer an icy machine, nor is it a wind-shielded device with four wheels. Cars make our social circle bigger and sometimes even replace our faces. The car that walks down the altar is a good partner for people to live and work. Dressing up your car as a FASH-ION hipster, cool brother is also a wonderful thing.

Often when it comes to car modification, many people think that it is a toy that costs a lot of money and car enthusiasts. In fact, car modification has become a fashion in foreign countries. Even in Europe, America and Japan, the modified car party is already the main content of the car club gathering. Modification is "personality demand"

Why do you want to modify your car? The simplest answer is the personality needs! The car has evolved from the initial vehicle to the cultural level. For the pursuit of perfect car fans, whether it is Mercedes-Benz or BMW..., but for the pursuit of personalized young people, there seems to be a gap, obviously, if you want to get the car that you think is the best, this method is only personalized modification!

Modified primary experience

The easiest way to change the look of the body:

Install aerodynamic kit

In fact, the modification of passenger cars can be divided into appearance, intake ignition, exhaust brake, suspension, turbocharged modification and so on. Some modifications only change the appearance of the vehicle, such as the color change of the car body; some modifications change the appearance and change the performance of the vehicle. For example, the installation of the lower spoiler may cause the vehicle to change the angle of the approach and affect the passability of the vehicle; It is to change the performance of the vehicle, such as engine modifications. The quickest and easiest way to change the look of the body is to add an aerodynamic kit.

The so-called aerodynamic package is commonly known as the "big envelop", which basically includes the air intake grille, the side spoiler (side skirt), the rear bracket and the rear spoiler (tail). Sometimes it will be seen on the road. The factory insurance (safety insurance) bar is equipped with a lower spoiler. If the front and rear bumpers are not replaced, only the chin is installed, and some people call it a small bag.

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