How to judge common faults of engine from exhaust pipe

- Dec 13, 2017 -

1, exhaust pipe to smoke black smoke

It shows that the excessive concentration of the engine mixture causes insufficient combustion. When the air filter is dirty, the spark plug is bad, the ignition coil fault, and so on, it will cause the engine to smoke the black smoke.

2, exhaust pipe to smoke white smoke

It indicates that the atomizer of the injector is not atomized or dripping oil, so that some gasoline does not burn. There is water in the gasoline. The cylinder head and cylinder liner have cracks that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and the cylinder cushion causes damage to the water in the cylinder, and the machine temperature is too low. It can be solved by following methods: cleaning or replacing fuel injector, adjusting injection pressure, clearing water in fuel tank and oil way, not buying low quality inferior oil, replacing cylinder gasket, cylinder liner and cylinder head.

3, blue smoke

The oil into the combustion chamber for combustion, piston ring and cylinder sleeve is not running, the oil from the piston ring into the slot; bonding in the slot and taper piston ring installed anti lost oil scraping effect; piston ring wear excessive oil from the gap into the combustion chamber; the oil sump oil level is too high; the valve guide wear, the gap is too large. Can be solved by the following methods: a new car or overhaul after the locomotive must be in accordance with the provisions of the running engine, parts of normal engagement; see assembly mark, correct installation of piston ring; replacement of qualified or increase the size of piston ring; check the cause oil sump level rises, release the oil pan excess oil; to reduce the filter of oil in the pan; replace the valve guide.

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