Knowledge of car care system maintenance

- Jul 05, 2018 -

More and more people have their own cars, but people's understanding of the car is still very inadequate. When there are some problems in the car, we will become overwhelmed. If you can learn more about the car, I believe that many small problems, car owners can solve it themselves. So, let’s take a look at our car today.

So, where do you start? I believe that most of the troubles of car owners come from the power of car. Then let's take a look at the car's power system. Let's take a look.

(1) The importance of the power system

The power system is the key to the operation of the entire car. If we can maintain the health of the power system, we will save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

(2) How to check the power system

The power system can operate normally and healthily. Oil quality is very important. Learning to check oil quality is what we have to learn today. Oil quality inspections include: oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, power steering oil and gasoline.

1) Oil check

There are two main points in the inspection of oil: one is to check the amount of oil, and the other is to replace it every 5,000 kilometers or half a year (the car needs to be replaced if it is not used for half a year). When checking the oil, you should pay attention to the measurement after the oil temperature rises.

2) Transmission oil check

The key points of the transmission oil inspection are as follows: First, the oil quantity is oily, and the first is to change every 20,000 kilometers or one year. Check the gearbox oil to first lock the gear.

3) Brake oil check

Brake oil inspection is very important because it directly affects the response of the brake pedal, so the oil quality of the brake oil is very important. Method of inspection: Open the brake oil pot near the fire wall and observe the brake oil in the oil pot. If there is any blackening or yellowing, if it means the oil has deteriorated, it needs to be replaced. If not, it is in every 2 Ten thousand kilometers or one and a half years, it also needs to be updated once.

4) Power direction oil check

Power oil only needs to check the amount of oil is enough. Everyone knows this better, so I won’t say more. (For more conversion cases, please see Dean Ai DNA-Tuning)

5) Gasoline inspection

The check of gasoline is also the same. It is necessary to pay attention not to wait until the gasoline is in the end to refuel, otherwise the wear on the engine is still very large.

If you want to take care of your car more health, the above points should be kept in mind.

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