Smokeless exhaust in the diagnosis and treatment

- Dec 13, 2017 -

When starting the engine, the exhaust pipe is smokeless and there is no explosion. Generally, the diesel has not entered the cylinder.

The reason

There is no oil in the tank.

The fuel filter clogging, oil-water separator.

The low pressure oil road does not supply oil.

(4) the injection pump does not pump oil.

There is air in the oil road.

The gas phase misalignment. The opening time of the valve is not compatible with the stroke of the piston in the cylinder. If the piston compresses the stroke in the cylinder, the intake and exhaust valve opens, and the fresh air is driven out of the cylinder, so that there is no combustion gas in the cylinder and can not start.

The injection pump electromagnetic valve is bad, in a closed state, can not enter the high pressure chamber of diesel engine.

The diagnosis and treatment methods

Principle: first, first and later, easy to be difficult in the first place

(1) check whether the flameout line of the injection pump is back.

(2) whether there is oil in the tank, and if the switch is open.

(3) whether the injection pump controls the pulling rod and the fastening bolts that drive the connecting disc to fall off.

(4) unscrewing the deflation screws on the pump and exhaust the oil with the oil pump.

Check the leakage or blockage of the tubing.

Check the fuel filter and water separator is blocked.

The starter with the engine running, check whether the oil pump oil pump.

The remove loose injector inlet pipe joints, and throttle in the end, press the starter switch, check the fuel pump or pump oil pump oil, if not, explain the oil amount regulating rod stuck in stop oil position (i.e. rack hairpin); if the A_ type pump, should remove the fuel pump side cover check and troubleshooting; if P_ type pump, should take appropriate measures to deal with.

To check the gas distribution phase is accurate, if it is not on, should be adjusted.

For the VE pump engine, check the solenoid valve and the control circuit is faulty. When the electromagnetic valve is damaged, and the new electromagnetic replacement is not immediately found, the solenoid valve can be removed, the piston valve and the spring are removed, and the emergency measures are taken for the solenoid valve to be cut off. The method can not be electrically extinguished, and it can be manually extinguished.

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