The more the exhaust pipe, the greater the displacement

- Dec 13, 2017 -

First of all, a lot of exhaust pipes often have large displacement. If you understand from this point of view, it is possible that this car is better.

Because when you drive the car it is going to suck it in and then mix up with the gasoline, and finally it's going to come out. How much do you come out of, you basically know how much it sucks and how much the displacement is

Some of the exhaust pipes are only ornamental and have nothing to do with the car's performance.

It's as if we look at the prosperity of a city and look at how many tons of garbage a day. Sometimes it doesn't have to be, the exhaust pipe family is not supposed to look good.

I say so much like a fist is enough, people give you a finger like a four, looks like western style, movement, or let you have it great displacement of the illusion, and it also does not have what performance much of this relationship.

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