What are the benefits of retrofitting the tailpipe to the car?

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Most of the car's main body (middle silencer also has a small volume) silencer is in the tail section, then change the tail section is to change the tail section of the silencer, change the silencer can bring the following changes to the car:

1, the appearance of changes: For example, some cars exhaust pipe is unilateral, then changed the exhaust will become bilateral, first, significant personality, and second, significant grades. Because the more displacement the more luxurious the car, the more exhaust pipe. Some cars with a good-looking large-enveloping rear lip bumper and exhaust pipe look nice.

2. Changes in power: When it comes to power, there are two aspects: horsepower and torque. In layman's terms, horsepower is how fast the car can run, and torque is reflected in how fast the car can increase speed.

In terms of horse power, changing the exhaust gas can basically increase the horsepower. The smooth exhaust system will inevitably increase the efficiency of the engine, but it is often very limited to improve the horsepower by modifying the exhaust gas. Taking its own GRWA exhaust system as an example, more than one million vehicles are usually upgraded by several horses. Of course there is no shortage of exhaust systems developed specifically for power in the world. I think there are fewer and fewer. I haven't seen it before, because I still want to hear the sound of the exhaust. If we want to change the exhaust because we want to upgrade our power, then we should wash and sleep. Will you change a set of exhaust gas in order to raise 35 horsepower and spend thousands and tens of thousands?

Besides torque. After many models have been modified, there will be a low torsion reduction, especially in naturally aspirated models. The so-called "low-twist" is low-speed torque. In other words, after the exhaust is changed, it will feel like a start. When the speed is low, the speed will not be as fast as possible. This is due to the accelerated discharge of exhaust gas. The specific reasons are not discussed too much here. It is difficult to generalize that there is no serious or no loss in the low-twist loss of exhaust gas reform. Turbine vehicles will be relatively better due to the intervention of turbines. Changing the exhaust gas may help in the medium and high speed. This means that it feels slow at the start, but when the speed reaches a certain level, the speed will continue to increase. At this time, the feeling of power will be better than the original. So change the exhaust, some models will face low twist and reduce the situation.

3. The change of sound: So far, the era when businesses have changed the way that exhaust gas can increase power has passed and consumers are becoming more rational. Personally think that the biggest benefit of changing the exhaust is to bring changes in sound waves. Show off the high-pitched exhaust sound waves can attract attention, can directly express our different value pursuits. In the eyes of others, it may be meaningless. No matter how others talk about it and look at it, as long as we like it, it is a multi-valued world. When young people are young, why should they be like others? Exhaust sound waves and harmonic sound, different manufacturers of different types of exhaust sound effects vary, we all on the line.

4, the material life changes: pay attention to the manufacturers used modified exhaust gas is at least 202 upward steel, some manufacturers use 304 stainless steel or titanium alloy. As long as the quality is excellent, the material and the service life of the modified exhaust gas are much higher than the exhaust gas of the original car. Of course, as long as it is not a particularly cheap car, the exhaust system of the original car is still said to be in the past. It will not be a problem for five to eight years. This is just a good comparison of the original car exhaust, practical significance. Although the exhaust gas of the original car is less than the modified exhaust gas, it can meet the minimum requirements for use.

The number of code words is the accumulation of personal experience. It is hoped that it will help everyone. Accredited friends can pay more attention to and understand GRWA exhaust, we don’t just focus on the sound waves

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