What is the cause of the exhaust pipe of a diesel engine

- Dec 13, 2017 -

In use, the exit of the exhaust pipe sometimes occurs at the exit of the exhaust pipe. The symptom is that the exhaust pipe will be burned red when driving at high speed. If driving at night, you can find out the exhaust pipe will take a string of mars. The reason is that the exhaust pipe temperature is very high, when the cylinder unburned oil mist into the exhaust pipe, which meets the air will cause burning, often accompanied by "crack, crack, crack" explosion. The main reasons are as follows:

(1) bad work of air filter

When the car driver in the maintenance of the air filter, if the oil bath air filter add too much oil, will cause the engine in the process of working in the oil suction strong, air filter, air inlet pipe and enters the cylinder, causing fuel too strong feeling.  As the viscosity of the oil is larger, some of the oil is attached to the inlet pipe wall, and the oil entering the cylinder can not be completely burned. During the exhausting process, the oil is discharged and partially adhered to the exhaust pipe wall. It continues to burn under the high temperature of the exhaust gas, causing the temperature to increase gradually to burn the exhaust pipe red and make a detonation sound. The breakdown can be removed by removing the inlet and exhaust pipes and scraping off the oil and carbon.

(2) gas distribution mechanism

Especially, the technical condition of the exhaust valve spring is bad. When the diesel engine runs at a high speed, the time of valve opening and closing is very short due to the short travel time of the engine, and the valve and its transmission mechanism have high running speed and great inertia force.  In order to ensure the valve to overcome the inertia force, but not out of the cam control in time to close, the valve spring should be required enough elastic. If the exhaust valve spring force is insufficient, or even broken, or the valve lock off, will cause the engine is running at high speed exhaust valve into the cylinder so late, the combustible mixed gas will be discharged as part of the exhaust pipe at the outlet of the combustion flame.

(3) valve leakage

The characteristics of the engine exhaust pipe due to the leakage of gas valve are: the fire is urgent and the smoke is brought. There are two kinds of valve leakage: serious and slight. When the valve is seriously leaking, turn the flywheel to the intake stroke by hand, and the handle will be inhaled at the outlet of the exhaust pipe. When the flywheel is transferred to the exhaust stroke, the handle is placed at the inlet of the intake pipe with the feeling of exhaust. When the gas leakage is slight, only when the temperature is high, the fire will occur.

(4) mismatch of gas phase, or improper fit clearance of parts

When the gas phase with engine problems, the exhaust pipe fire is burning fire emergency symptoms, but not with smoke.  The reason is that the keyway on the camshaft may be biased, the camshaft angle is deviant, or the gear mark is disorderly. When the gas phase is not correct, it means that the turning angle of the crankshaft does not conform to the specified value when the inlet and exhaust door opens and retreats at the piston to the top stop. At this time, the combustible mixed gas in the cylinder is opened early because of the exhaust valve, and the combustion is carried out inside and outside the exhaust door, causing the engine exhaust pipe to fire. At the same time, the exhaust temperature is higher because of the burning heat.

(5) the time of oil supply is too late

At this point, the fuel can not be completely burned in the cylinder, and the exhaust pipe comes into the overheated air after entering the exhaust pipe, causing the exhaust pipe to burn. The fire is characterized by moderate fire.

(6) poor working speed of governor

When the speed governing lever of the engine speed governor and the sliding disc cone angle of the speed governing sliding disc are not suitable, it will cause the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump to increase suddenly and slightly, causing the exhaust pipe to fire. At this time, the fault is characterized by the fire, and hushanhushan.

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