Why diesel exhaust pipe injection

- Dec 13, 2017 -

The method of removing the white smoke from the exhaust pipe of the diesel engine is to be eliminated.

1. The cause of the exhaust pipe of diesel engine usually has the following reasons:

(a) water in the fuel, white smoke with a crisp "horn, trumpet sound.

(two) search the combustor into the water.

(three) the temperature of the diesel engine is too low, and some of the fuel is not burned with the exhaust gas.

(four) the fuel injection advance angle is too small and the unburned diesel oil is discharged from the white oil mist.

(five) when the cooling water temperature of the diesel engine does not reach 40 degrees centigrade after starting, the load operation is put into operation.

Two. The method of exclusion:

(1) if there is not much water in the tank, open the fuel tank switch, release the water in the box until the diesel oil flows out. If the oil tank has much water content, it can replace the diesel that has been precipitated for more than 48 hours. The oil released from the tank can still be used after precipitation.

(two) check whether the cylinder head gasket damage, whether there are cracks, prevent the cooling water leaking into the combustion chamber.

(three) heating water preheating diesel engine when starting.

(four) check the oil supply advance angle, if it is too small, it can be adjusted.

(five) after the starting of the diesel engine, the cooling water temperature is over 40 degrees centigrade, then the load operation is put into operation.

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