Analysis On The Reason Of Diesel Engine Taking Blue Smoke Exhaust

- Dec 13, 2017 -

If a lot of oil from entering the combustion chamber and is vaporized, and smoke exhaust. The blue smoke is actually recondense oil steam. Sometimes, the diesel engine in cold starting or low load emit blue smoke, but warm up or disappeared after the increase of the load, which is often due to oil steam burn when burning will not completely black smoke (free carbon).

Channeling oil blue smoke from the consequences of oil consumption is rising rapidly, and produce large amounts of carbon and other products of combustion performance of the fuel injector, the piston ring wear accelerated deterioration, piston ring, cylinder and other parts, should be avoided. But the blue smoke from what is the cause?

1. the diesel engine has a bad running in. The test shows that a new or overhauled diesel engine usually needs to be run in for 30~40 hours to achieve a good technical condition.  Without a good run directly with normal working load is the most common cause of blue smoke.

2. piston ring and cylinder inner surface roughness, ellipticity, taper and clearance does not meet the requirements, or because of rod bending, spindle hole and cylinder sleeve and the piston is not vertical eccentric wear, also caused the oil leakage of blue smoke.

3. the diesel engine works under low load for a long time (the load is less than 30 to 50%), and the pressure in the cylinder is low.

4. oil sump excessive oil pressure is too high, viscosity is too small, the piston ring wear and loss of elasticity or piston and cylinder gap is too large, the oil pan oil bath air filter in excess oil and so on.

5. a piston ring or a twisted ring with a chamfering angle is in the wrong direction, instead pumping the oil into the combustion chamber.

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