Automotive Exhaust Pipe Maintenance Tips

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Automobile exhaust pipe maintenance skill 1: Waterproof

When a rainy day or to wash the car, we must pay attention to prevent water muffler, otherwise easily lead to rust, but the impact of the use of the exhaust pipe; if you do not let the water to start the engine muffler, the car immediately, as much as possible so that the inside of the water discharge muffler, which is particularly important for exhaust pipe maintenance.

Maintenance skill of automobile exhaust pipe two: antirust

The antirust of the automobile exhaust pipe is not only waterproof and rust proof, but the best way is to wipe the antirust oil so that it can be more guaranteed. First, we need to remove the muffler, plug the drain holes in the location, then give the flange a rust proof oil, then shake the muffler, know that the rust proof oil enters the cylinder body evenly, and then install the muffler. Then after the car is running for about twenty kilometers, you can take away the plugging of the hole. The maintenance of automobile exhaust pipe rust prevention, 2 times a year will be able to greatly guarantee the exhaust pipe is not rusty.

Automobile exhaust pipe maintenance skill three: cleaning

Because the exhaust pipe often exposed, but with the same car, so if the exhaust pipe inside all over the dirt, that is will influence the normal use of the exhaust pipe, and may be due to improper driving of drivers caused other harmful substances into the car, causing other bigger problems also occur. Therefore, in the maintenance of automobile exhaust pipe, we must pay attention to the cleaning of the exhaust pipe.

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