Benefits Of Retrofitting The Exhaust Manifold

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Many cyclists are not satisfied with their car will choose to go to, let oneself love car to reach the standard you want, this is if you have a lot of pursuit, the pursuit of a perfect state, what are some advantages of modified exhaust manifold, refitting a most satisfactory exhaust manifold, let us more to enjoy in while driving.


Benefits of retrofitting the exhaust manifold

1, exhaust manifold from vent installation, manifold pipe, manifold junction and integration of installation, general models of exhaust manifold with cast iron material, the biggest drawback is the weight of large, poor durability and long pipeline ranging from exhaust interference phenomenon is serious, reduce exhaust system work efficiency greatly.


2, enhances the working efficiency of the exhaust system of the most important step is to replace the high performance exhaust manifold, the so-called high-performance exhaust manifold is the heat resistance, good corrosion resistance of stainless steel exhaust manifold, the first quality of exhaust manifold of vent installation using CNC numerical control lathe cutting, high precision can prevent the occurrence of gas leakage happens.


A modified method
    1, divided into two kinds of methods on line processing, general models using the tube bending, then pipe welding in installation, advantage is low inside a smooth exhaust resistance, light weight, the disadvantage is that diameter to a deadlock in the process of bending, it's hard to do pure isometric exhaust manifold multiple length camber line design. And welded pipe is designed in advance mold for reference, different lengths of pipe cutting out different Angle, will each line by welding and weld mark, highly polished on the inner wall of the pipe. Welded exhaust manifold, although can be pure and long, but the position of the welding technology and pipeline design requirement is higher, and the need to pass comprehensive inner surface polishing treatment can achieve bending pipe wall light crust. Therefore, the price of high quality welded pipe exhaust manifold is much higher than that of bent pipe exhaust manifold.


2. The joint part of the manifold is also divided into two designs, polyhedral 1 and polyhedral 2 and 1. The former focuses on the design of high speed power output, while the latter focuses on the design of low speed torque output. Exhaust is more than one of the most efficient design, general all-in-one product joints for simpler funnel, the disadvantage is that can't let the manifold exhaust from the back mixing, easy to cause the exhaust interference phenomenon. And draw lessons from the car exhaust system and the development of the exhaust manifold junction of spherical structure of expansion chamber, the exhaust fumes can make each manifold uniform and stable discharge, prevent the occurrence of exhaust interference phenomenon, greatly enhance the efficiency of exhaust.


  Advantages of titanium alloy exhaust manifold

  The biggest advantages of the titanium alloy material strength, light weight, with very thin thickness can achieve greater than stainless steel material strength and lighter weight, and performance of titanium alloy material heat-resisting stronger, can achieve better performance of thermal expansion, can further improve the exhaust temperature, exhaust efficiency is improved greatly.
Exhaust manifold material requirements


1. Good oxidation resistance at high temperature
       The exhaust manifold works under the condition of high temperature cyclic alternation for a long time. The anti-oxidation performance of the material at high temperature directly affects the service life of the exhaust manifold. It is obvious that ordinary cast iron cannot meet the requirements, so it is necessary to add alloy elements into the material to improve the high temperature oxidation resistance of the material.



2. Stable microstructure
      In the range from room temperature to working temperature, the material should not change phase or reduce phase change as much as possible. Because the phase change will cause the volume change, so that it will produce internal stress or deformation, affect the product performance and life. Therefore, the matrix material is best stable ferrite or austenite. Work under high temperature conditions of the destruction form of cast iron parts, main show is under the condition of high temperature corrosion in the organization of the oxidation (e.g., graphite carbon), after oxide volume is greater than the original volume, cause irreversible expansion of casting.

exhaust header for citroen saxo 16.jpg

3. Small thermal expansion coefficient
      The small thermal expansion coefficient can reduce the thermal stress and thermal deformation of the exhaust manifold and improve the service performance and service life of the product.
4. Excellent high temperature strength
It must meet the necessary strength requirement when the product is used at high temperature.
5. Good process performance and low cost
Heat resistant, high temperature resistant metal materials is a lot of more phyletic, but out of exhaust manifold and complex shape, materials used in the manufacture of exhaust manifold must has good manufacturability, and its cost must meet the needs of auto industrial mass production.

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