Bumblebee Camelot Upgrades Exhaust Modification

- Jun 28, 2018 -

  Transformers in the actor guardians have a robot, it is the hornet, in reality the deformation of vehicle name its role Chevrolet camaro, this is a very cool beauty is a sports car. The bumblebee camaro, with its long build and impact, impressed many fans. Sometimes when we come across a bumblebee on the road, we can't help calling out its name -- bumblebee.

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    GRWA is a well-known brand in the field of refitting. In 2013, GRWA established a company specializing in refitting parts in China. Its products include refitting head section, exhaust, lamps, air sets and so on. GRWA straightforward (big diameter) is a blend of all over the world and China's delicate (surface brightness, uniform scales veins), combined with China's market demand, we designed for modified shop, event team to provide all kinds of pipe diameter and the types of products.



 Comero hornet GRWA middle tail exhaust

GRWA's high performance tailor-made exhaust for the camelot hornet has attracted wide attention in the industry since its launch. This time, GRWA will bring the exhaust upgrade scheme of the middle tail of the GRWA komarro hornet.

Titanium muffler

 Exhaust original installation

The whole exhaust section is manufactured by SUS304, which will not bring power burden while improving the power speed. Titanium alloy surface treatment, increase the surface hardness while making it more corrosion resistant. Using coarse diameter, high power, original design, flange with large CNC numerical control machine tool, the thickening reinforce the original design to ensure a solid and reliable, product surface of the titanium alloy processing, let beautiful fashion sense.

Delicate soldering point, GRWA exhaust installation and debugging


  GRWA use their mature production technology and welding technology, makes the exhaust pipe products are beautiful and durable, from material selection to production process and quality test links are strictly enforced, to make the best and the good performance of the exhaust noise effect products.

  Exhaust Muffler

Exhaust Muffler

Bumblebee retrofit upgrades GRWA exhaust installation effect

GRWA variable valve control system (high performance variable valve) allow drivers to choose under the be fond of according to their own use, it is able to enjoy passionate voices exhaust the thrill of driving experience, and can when driving with his family, travel together, make family from exhaust howls annoyance.



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