Calm Down, No Passion? BMW 5 Series Exhaust With GRWA

- Jul 10, 2018 -

In the medium car market, participate in the competition of players actually not much, but they are a fierce fight between, especially the civil war between the ashkenazi triangle has for several years, A6L with years of official car aura, mercedes-benz e-class also fully integrated the collect inside their elegant brand image, then under the blue sky white cloud of 5 series rely on what? People who know about cars naturally know that BMW's essence is control and sports. Although the 5 series mainly focuses on business, they are still outstanding in the same level in terms of control and sports.


GRWA is fitted with BMW 5 series valve exhaust system

Thanks to the special relationship with big brother M5, the current 5 series of refit can be said everywhere, numerous M5 jackets, so that they look more like big brother. However, if only change the appearance, it seems to leave a feeling of "blind imitation", so the performance improvement has to be put on the agenda. Of course, even if the appearance is not changed, the performance improvement is also necessary.


The exquisite workmanship represents the interpretation of the brand


Surface abrasion treatment, very simple texture, and also improved wear and corrosion resistance

Vent product recommendations mentioned 5 series, editor understands Chinese brand GRWA launch modified with exhaust valve may be a good choice, GRWA exhaust everyone should already be familiar with, as a focus to build cost-effective exhaust of domestic brands, from its inception, relying on years of experience in modified and modification of the high quality products make GRWA piled up a certain fame in the modified industry and users, and for many years to stick and gain a foothold is its strength.20160531051126149.jpg

Intelligent remote control valve and control system

Founded in 2013, GRWA exhaust brand has always been adhering to the concept of "Chinese people's own refitting brand". With the brand as the core, the company is determined to build a first-line Chinese exhaust refitting brand. And the choice of materials and manufacturing process is no less than foreign brands of the same level.


In terms of materials, the general body adopts high quality SUS304 industrial grade stainless steel materials. The precision welding ensures the long-term stability of the exhaust under high temperature and pressure. The design of two - sided four - way exhaust performance has played a very important role. And equipped with their own special smart valve, let the voice wave want to be high to be a sports man, when want to be quiet to be a quiet man. If you want to know more about this new BMW 5 series GRWA exhaust system, or other GRWA related products, please leave a message.

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