Diesel Exhaust Pipe Will Arrange The Reasons For Oil

- Dec 13, 2017 -

1. Too much oil in the crankcase, exceeding the upper limit of the oil scale, causing excessive oil splashing to the cylinder wall and easily entering the combustor.

Two, the gap between the piston and the cylinder sleeve is too large, the cylinder liner is too poor, and the oil moves into the combustion chamber.

Three, the oil scraping ability of the piston ring is reduced, which causes poor oil scraping and oil discharge.

Four, the piston ring has small elastic, large light transmittance and uneven warping, which makes the gap and opening gap larger, or the piston "walks to the mouth", and the oil moves into the combustion chamber.

Five, when the piston ring is installed, some piston rings will cause the oil to run.

This is due to the bad sealing of the cylinder, the oil into the combustion chamber, a part of the rest of the fuel discharged from the exhaust pipe, at the same time with the blue smoke exhaust. Diesel engine oil exhauster not only wastes oil, but also is often accompanied by power loss, incomplete combustion, piston, piston ring, cylinder and so on, resulting in carbon deposition and ablative valve.

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