Porsche Boxster981 exhaust modification new option

- Jun 01, 2018 -

 When it comes to porsche, most people's first impressions are of the classic 911, Boxster 981... Today's porsche Boxter 981 is one of porsche's most popular sports cars.


  Born in the 1990s, the porsche Boxster series has a history of more than 20 years. The official release of the third generation Boxster(981), both in appearance and performance, has been well received by players in the industry. It changes the previous two generations of the round shape, with a sharp family appearance in front of the public. It has a very high potential for retrofit, and the Boxster has maintained a central rear drive engine layout for the past 20 years, which makes its exhaust design different from the usual type.



GRWA MOTOR For Porsche 981 high performance variable valve exhaust system

  Compared with the original factory exhaust, the GRWA exhaust from China looks more like Boxster 981. In order to make drivers driving experience to a whole new level, in seeking to drive stimulus at the same time, with perfect, GRWA structural engineer for exhaust chose SUS304 material, its lightweight material enough to boost power more speed at the same time, power will not overload. The surface treatment of titanium alloy increases the surface hardness and makes it more resistant to corrosion.


Unique texture design

  GRWA For Porsche 981 high performance variable valve exhaust drum and adopt unique texture design, enhance the flexibility of the drum and the high temperature working condition against the cold season brings the negative influence of heat bilges cold shrink, unique drum and appearance reflect unique personality charm and temperament.


Adopt the design of thick pipe diameter, high power and original installation position, and use thickening to reinforce the original installation position to ensure firm and reliable

  GRWA variable valve control system allows the owner to choose under the be fond of according to their own use, the owners can enjoy both passionate voices exhaust the thrill of driving experience, and can when driving with his family, travel together, make family from exhaust howls annoyance.

GRWA variable valve control system

  Since GRWA entered the international market, it has made frequent appearances in major international professional exhibitions and achieved great success. Its purpose is to let more people know and understand GRWA. GRWA has been working hard to improve itself and gradually develop in a down-to-earth way, with the aim of providing professional, accurate and perfect system services for the car owners.

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