Exhaust Pipe Maintenance

- Dec 13, 2017 -

1. winter cold car is hard to start, close the choke after starting the engine, when attention will choke open in time. It is forbidden to travel at high speed for a long time when the damper valve is closed.

2. the vehicle (men's wear car) is prohibited from installing the windshield or other ornamental items in front of the engine and the muffler, which will affect the heat dissipation of the engine and the muffler.

3. do not run for long and low gear, which will cause damage to the engine and the muffler.

4. no long time in situ high speed bombardment throttle;

5. when the surface oil, the car will make its surface color to color yellow, blue etc.. In addition, when the muffler has a large amount of dirt on the surface of the muffler, please clean it in time so as not to affect its heat dissipation.

6. when the muffler is installed, we should pay attention to the installation of the muffler pad in place, and fasten it well to prevent air leakage, affect the effect of noise elimination and cause the yellowing of the muffler interface.

7., engine valve clearance, carburetor and air cleaner should be adjusted and cleaned timely and correctly according to the vehicle instructions. If the valve clearance is too small or the mixture is too thick or too thin, it will affect the combustion and cause the color change to the muffler.

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