McLaren Could Launch A 600LT Convertible Model In 2019

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Recently, the media has announced that McLaren may launch a convertible version based on the 600LT model. Since the official launch of the 600LT Coupe, there have been rumors of a 600LT convertible in the future, and this has been confirmed. The McLaren 600LT convertible is expected to debut in 2019.49430790-a058-4070-aede-eb6e284c2d96_630_w1.jpg

McLaren 600LT Coupe
McLaren 600LT Coupe
McLaren 600LT Coupe

LT stands for "Long Tail, "or "Long Tail," and 600LT is the fourth member of the McLaren LT family. It has a lower body than the 570, a new aerodynamics kit and a lighter weight (just 12,47kg), so it should be better at handling. The McLaren 600LT has a unique tail-top exhaust design that is a bright spot in itself, and a shorter exhaust stroke can further reduce weight.


McLaren 600LT Coupe


McLaren 600LT Coupe

McLaren 600LT Coupe

McLaren 600LT Coupe
The McLaren 600LT is packed with carbon fiber and Alcantara fabrics, creating a visual battle atmosphere. The use of carbon-fiber car seats and carbon-fiber interior panels can also help the vehicle achieve further lightweight. In terms of power, the McLaren 600LT is equipped with a 3.8t V8 dual turbocharged engine with maximum horsepower of 600Ps and peak torque of 620Nm, respectively 30Ps and 20Nm more than 570 models.

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