The Benefits Of Retrofitting The Tailpipe

- Jul 08, 2018 -

Exhaust pipe late is the last part of the exhaust system, also is the final stage in deadened the noise of exhaust system level, its structure and midway through the exhaust pipe, original factory specifications late exhaust pipe material is made of galvanized iron, iron pipe, which same internal is composed of back pressure clapboard, and the sound of cotton.


High-performance late exhaust pipe shell is durable, heat resistant stainless steel materials, internal by rotary back pressure diaphragm make exhaust discharge, deadened the noise of stainless steel wrapped in cotton deadened the noise of the glass fiber cotton, but at the same time of reducing exhaust resistance, engine and reasonable low speed torque output, and greatly prolong the service life of the mute cotton, make the exhaust flow index of the stability of the exhaust pipe to keep at the same time, can maintain normal sound power for a long time.


In recent years, the titanium alloy late exhaust pipe, high temperature resistant, durable performance is greatly improved, not only exhaust efficiency is also due to the increase of exhaust temperature is increased greatly, and the titanium alloy late exhaust pipe light weight, material strength, compared with the same specifications of the stainless steel exhaust pipes of late, and wall can thin weight can reduce 40% to 30%. However, because the processing of titanium alloy materials is difficult and laser welding is required, the cost is nearly twice as high as that of stainless steel products.


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