The Three Types Of Automobile Mufflers

- Dec 13, 2017 -

With the progress of the economy, more and more people buy cars. But how much do you know about the car muffler? According to the principle and structure of noise elimination, the automobile muffler can be divided into three types: resistant muffler, resistive muffler and impedance compound muffler

1: reactive muffler resistant muffler is based on internal pipes, partitions and other components, such as expansion chamber, resonance chamber and other muffler units. When the sound wave propagates, it will reflect and interfere, and reduce the sound energy to achieve the purpose of noise elimination. The noise elimination frequency band of the resistant muffler is limited, which usually has good effect on the low and middle frequency band, and the high frequency noise elimination effect is poor, and the resistant muffler is mostly used in the freight car.

2:: the hindrance muffler E is a muffler that fills the sound absorbing material to absorb the sound energy to achieve the purpose of noise elimination through the pipes that the internal exhaust passes through. It has good noise reduction effect at middle and high frequency. It is only used as a car muffler, which is usually used in combination with the resistant muffler.

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