You Can Not Know The Exhaust Pipe Knowledge

- Dec 13, 2017 -


Mr. Liu recently wanted to change the exhaust pipe to his horse 6. The reason for his modification is simple. It's only a pursuit of a "shocking force". It's like the roaring of some refitted cars on the street. However, when he converted after will feel with friends who share this amazing, a familiar way of friends are converted to him poured cold water: "you exhaust the large pipe ow panting, they feel quite perky, in fact, in my mind, your car has been painful complain to you." Under the guidance of friends, Mr. Liu was gradually clear, exhaust pipe modification appears to be simple, but it is reasonable and practical to refit, which There is much fineness in. Do not think that a simple increase in caliber, sound change is very "shocking", even to achieve the goal.


The small change of the inlet and exhaust pipes can prevent the intake of the water from the engine

In addition, in view of the current rainy season, vehicles will wade, especially when passing through a deep water area, which is easy to cause intake and exhaust pipes to enter the water, leading to engine intake. The most fundamental way to solve this problem is to restructure the intake and exhaust pipes. For example, there is an improved device for exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe of the structure can be improved, so that the entire exhaust pipe into a straight and curved part two, which connect the straight pipes and elbow part is movably connected with the electric control switch, and let the owners choose the exhaust pipe sealing condition, in order to better solve the driving rain water exhaust pipe problem.

give counsel

(*) the blind pursuit of high speed horsepower (V) exhaust pipe modification related to engine power

When it comes to the exhaust pipe of the modification, a lot of people is of intense interest. However, before refitting the exhaust pipe, it is better to consider the characteristics of the car love first. For example, a natural intake engine or a turbo engine requires low output torque and high speed horsepower output, because there must be trade-offs in these aspects.  For example, if the vehicle is automatic, it is best not to replace the exhaust pipe with too large diameter, otherwise, it will affect the power performance, and the severe vehicle will also make the original vehicle more accelerated than the original one. Replacing exhaust pipe can make engine exhaust smoother and more air intake. When intake and exhaust are increased, the volume of fuel injection is adjusted accordingly, which will make the car be reborn.

(*) only to change the tail section to effect (V) three modified exhaust pipe to release more power

Industry insiders pointed out that, as the process of motor vehicle movement is the process of gasoline mixed air combustion, it will inevitably produce exhaust gas. With the increasing demand for environmental protection in the society, various emission standards have been promulgated. Exhaust pipes are not only responsible for normal exhaust work, but also for reducing emissions, filtering and noise reduction functions. For the original vehicle, they need to lose some power. The catalyst take various measures to make high-tech filtering exhaust, originally can exhaust unobstructed direct discharge tubes become simple obstacles, so that the engine had the power can not fully play, while the exhaust conversion is equivalent to the release of the seal was the engine horsepower, let the exhaust process shorter and more smoothly. Usually, people refer to "exhaust pipe" modification, but this is relatively general. In detail, the whole exhaust system is composed of three parts: from the engine direction, it is divided into the head section, the middle section to the catalyst and the O O drum. And we often hear the exhaust pipe, actually refers to the exhaust port, that is, the tail section (exposed to the outside part of the car). If only the tail section is modified, the effect is not as obvious as some merchants boast.

(*) large diameter exhaust pipe for pleasure (V) to increase the diameter of exhaust pipe volatile low torque

Many drivers pursue speed pleasure. Many of them think that installing large caliber exhaust pipe can make cars more powerful besides voice. But a professional reformer said that replacing the exhaust pipe under the premise that the engine was not refitted could not significantly improve the power, especially for the small displacement natural intake vehicle.  From the actual operation, the most obvious effect of simply modifying the large diameter exhaust pipe is to form the momentum on the voice. When running at high speed, the smoother exhaust is helpful to the improvement of power, but in return, it has a great influence on the loss of low speed torque.

(*) only change the straight row for discharge effect (not environmental noise tick)

Some consumers can save energy and change cars to straight rows, that is, they come out of exhaust manifold, remove catalyst segment and tail row, directly exhaust waste gas into the air, so the emission effect is pretty good, but the noise is great. Many people also dismantle the three - element catalyst when they replace the tail section of the exhaust gas, which will increase the emission of the exhaust gas. From the point of view of environmental protection, it is not advocated.

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